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ZA Tech Show: Episode 97

Steven Ambrose of World Wide Worx Strategy makes his first appearance on the ZA Tech Show this week, joining Brett Haggard, Duncan McLeod and Simon Dingle to discuss the launch of the Apple iPad (and a few other things)

Duncan McLeod
Behind Cell C’s big broadband bet

Cell C CEO Lars Reichelt has kept a low profile since his appointment in March, declining interviews and not speaking publicly about the company’s strategy. But last week he unveiled plans to spend billions of rand on a wireless broadband network Cell C’s decision to build SA’s most advanced third generation (3G) broadband cellular network is a brave move. The cellular operator, SA’s smallest wit

ZA Tech Show: Episode 92

As Christmas 2009 approaches, our panelists are confined to their quarters and must use Skype to converse. They discuss Cell C’s multibillion-rand network expansion, the BlackBerry Storm 2, Google Chrome for Mac, and much more