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If anyone needs confirmation that there is a price war going on in SA’s cellphone sector, a quick look at last Sunday’s newspapers will confirm it. Take the Sunday Times, for example. In the first 16 pages of news last week, five pages had huge advertisements from Cell C, Vodacom and MTN

Cell C can continue using its controversial new branding, which includes a design that resembles the copyright symbol. There’s even a “reasonable possibility” it will be successful in registering “Cell ©” as a trademark, despite the fact that various applications it made in December 2009 have been “provisionally declined” by the Registrar of Trademarks. These are the views of Don MacRobert, one of the country’s leading intellectual property and trademarks lawyers, who says the cellular operator can continue using the branding despite the registrar’s decision, which was handed down on 2 August, just two days before Cell C unveiled its new branding.