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Icasa is set to crack open South Africa’s free-to-air television industry to more competition. As South Africa moves to digital broadcasting, the communications regulator is planning to license a third terrestrial player to compete head-on with the SABC and If it goes ahead, which

The ongoing spat between government and MultiChoice about the pay-television operator monopolising content rather reminds me of a domineering parent chastising his child for not sharing his toys without realising that the poor kid is being bullied to death at school. It is absurd that government should even consider

Just a day after saying it would phase out the 8ta name for its consumer mobile brand, Telkom appears to be backpedalling a bit. In a media statement issued on Saturday, the JSE-listed telecommunications operator says the 8ta brand will not be discontinued but will instead be “repositioned

Telkom’s decision to phase out the well-known 8ta trademark and to rename its consumer cellular business Telkom Mobile could hurt the brand given that the telecommunications operator has a tarnished reputation among many consumers. In

Human settlements minister Tokyo Sexwale’s confirmation of his divorce showed again that the advent of social media was blurring the line between the private and the public, media commentators said on Monday. Veteran media analyst Chris Moerdyk said the

Cell C chief commercial officer Jose Dos Santos expressed frustration at a media conference on Monday that the operator, South Africa’s third-largest by subscriber numbers after Vodacom and MTN, is not allowed to engage in direct comparative advertising. Dos Santos said the

Cell C wants to launch comparative advertising campaigns targeted at its bigger rivals, MTN and Vodacom, and is frustrated that it is prohibited from doing so under South African law. The network operator’s chief commercial officer, Jose Dos Santos, says the ban on comparative

Telkom agreed to sponsor a series of 12 breakfast events hosted by The New Age newspaper this year for a whopping R1m/breakfast, correspondence in TechCentral’s possession shows. The sponsorship, for the 2012/13 financial year, marks the second year the fixed-line operator has paid

Vodacom will soon have a fresh new brand and marketing image, TechCentral has learnt. Though details are sketchy, it’s believed a new or tweaked logo may be in the offing.