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Link Africa, the fibre communications company previously known as i3 Africa, has scaled back its business, closing its Johannesburg office and ending its plans, at least for now, to build fibre-to-the-home infrastructure in South Africa’s big cities. TechCentral has learnt that 15 managers

Open-access fibre-optic telecommunications infrastructure provider Link Africa, formerly known as i3 Africa, has revealed that it expects to begin rolling out high-speed fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) connections starting in 2013. The company, which has bought

Fledgling fibre-to-the-home infrastructure provider LinkAfrica Group, formerly known as i3 Africa, is finally ready to begin its trial network in Umhlanga, north of Durban, and is also gearing up to begin rolling out fibre in Pretoria and Cape Town. In March 2011, TechCentral

Telecommunications operators have long said bringing high-speed fibre to the home in SA is simply not a commercial proposition. Now a new player, i3 Africa, wants to do exactly that. If it pulls off the project, it will change SA

Want fibre to your home? You could soon have it. i3 Africa, a new company backed by the National Empowerment Fund, plans to build a high-speed fibre network connecting 2,5m homes within the next

The board of state-owned telecommunications infrastructure company Broadband Infraco will take action against any employee who did not follow correct procurement procedures. The company was reacting