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JSE-listed retail group JD Group has appointed its group executive for new business development for retail, Marco van Niekerk, as the new CEO of Incredible Connection. In addition, JD has made various changes and new appointments to Incredible’s executive team

Incredible Connection CEO Dave Miller has stepped down and will leave the computer retailer at the end of January, according to parent JD Group. He had been with the company for 10 years. JD Group CEO Grattan Kirk, himself a former head of Incredible Connection, says Stefan Marnewick will act

Wow! TechCentral’s inaugural Tuesday Tipple went off with great success last night. Nearly 100 geeks showed up to enjoy the evening with us at The Brazen Head pub in Bryanston, north of Johannesburg.

Incredible Connection, SA’s largest IT retailer, has stepped into the broadband business. It’s offering consumers who buy a laptop or desktop computer in its stores up to 65GB of “free” fixed-line bandwidth. The retailer has launched the offer

Incredible Connection CEO Dave Miller joins us on the show this week. Your panellists are Don Packett, Simon Dingle and, later, Duncan McLeod. They discuss MTN’s financial results, IT spending, 3D gaming, and much more