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Discovery has announced a third change to the way it allocates points to members of its Vitality Active Rewards programme inside its first year. The programme, first piloted in the UK before being launched in South Africa last September, is simple

Vitality Active Rewards is a big deal for Discovery. Not only does it offer a way for the insurer to actually keep track of its members’ physical activity for the first time – thanks primarily to wearable devices – it is also a means to

An app, launched in South Africa on Thursday, allows consumers to scan barcodes on packaged food items to get detailed information about the nutritional content. First launched in Australia, the app, called HealthyFood Switch, and which is

Discovery Insure, a sister company of Discovery Health, has signed a deal with US-based Cambridge Mobile Telematics as the South African insurance company seeks to expand its use of technology to monitor clients’ driver behaviour

Imagine your phone popping up an alert whenever your blood pressure is elevated, or if your blood-glucose level is problematic. Imagine receiving a warning about an impending major health issue like a heart attack and being told to get

Discovery Health has launched an iPad application called HealthID that it claims will ease the burden of paperwork and administration on SA doctors, making it easier for the medical aid administrator to process claims in real time while maintaining patient confidentiality. Discovery Health SA CEO Jonathan