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Among the plethora of announcements at Google’s annual I/O developer event was one that should have music fans excited. The company is launching Google Play Music All Access, a streaming music service, beating rival Apple, which is said to be planning a similar product, to market. However, the

Despite the relatively small number of fixed-line Internet connections and the still relatively high cost of mobile data, South Africa now has three music streaming services vying for consumers’ attention. And this is before the launch of Microsoft’s Xbox Music, expected soon. TechCentral

Simfy Africa, the subscription-based Internet music streaming service, has expanded its catalogue to more then 20m songs, the company said on Thursday. The R60/month service has added several new catalogues, including from Paradise Entertainment

I remember the moment I realised that music streaming services were the future. I was at the Trans Musicale music festival in Rennes, France, in 2009 and was invited back to some French youngster’s apartment to carry on the party after the day’s

With more than 16m tracks, 2m albums and 650 000 artists, Simfy is a fully fledged music streaming service that stacks up incredibly well against rivals Spotify, Rhapsody and Rdio. From next week it’s available in SA – without the need for a foreign credit card, a virtual private network, or any of the other digital