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Eskom recently repeated that it will not conclude supply contracts with the developers of new renewable energy power stations. These developers were selected under a programme to facilitate private sector involvement in the

Nuclear energy in South Africa is a hotly contested issue — so much so that a court recently ruled against the government’s plans to issue a contract for the construction of eight new nuclear power stations. The ruling appeared to have delivered

A South African court has ruled that critical aspects of the country’s nuclear procurement process are illegal and unconstitutional. The outcome is a significant setback for a network of entities that had been aggressively

The much-awaited updated South African Integrated Resource Plan for electricity has been released for comment. The document makes far-reaching proposals about the target energy generation

Nuclear energy in South Africa is a highly contentious issue. The decision on whether to proceed with the construction of a fleet of nuclear power plants is destined to become the financially most far-reaching and consequential defining

It has been an eventful year in South Africa, characterised by power cuts, parliamentary confrontations about wasteful expenditure and student fee protests. There has, however, been an elephant in the room that has impacted all these issues but enjoyed surprisingly scarce attention