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Vodacom’s top executives have taken an effective pay cut in the 2015 financial year thanks to reductions in short-term incentives, the telecommunications group’s annual report, published at the weekend, shows. In the year ended 31

Vodacom is launching a campaign to create awareness around the dangers of texting while driving. The W8_2send (“wait to send”) campaign is centred on a game that can be played on a desktop PC or mobile device. The game challenges players to manoeuvre an animated car

Vodacom’s long-running legal dispute with a fixer who recently won a case against it in a Democratic Republic of Congo court is still simmering. And accusations are being made of improper influence over the Congo’s judiciary. The Kinshasa Commercial Court ruled in January that Vodacom

Government’s long-awaited ICT empowerment charter has been published in the Government Gazette, nine years after it was first mooted. The charter is intended to encourage and promote black ownership and participation in the ICT sector. The finalised