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How Microsoft turned consumers against Skype

It’s relatively easy these days to find critics of Skype, the popular online calling service that Microsoft acquired in 2011 for US$8.5bn. Former devotees routinely gripe on social media that the software has become

Azure cloud propels Microsoft to new heights

Microsoft exceeded analysts’ projections for fiscal third-quarter sales and profit, lifted by strong corporate demand for cloud computing services as the software maker added new features. Profit in the period ended 31

Cloud spending soars in SA, Nigeria and Kenya

The adoption of cloud computing has soared in the three main markets in sub-Saharan Africa in the past five years, but South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria are using the technology very differently, according to new

It’s China vs US in new computing arms race

As the US and China threaten to impose tariffs on goods from aluminium to wine, the two nations are waging a separate economic battle that could determine who owns the next wave of computing. Chinese universities and US

‘Big Tech’ isn’t one big monopoly

Public concern about Facebook’s power in society – and in politics – has skyrocketed in the wake of revelations that users’ data was analysed by a UK-based marketing firm and used to construct highly targeted political

Apple is already losing the smart-speaker war

The war for the digital home is raging. Apple has finally followed Amazon, Google and Microsoft by launching a smart speaker with a voice-controlled artificial intelligence assistant. Yet even though the “HomePod” is another

Tech giants voice support for US Cloud Act

Microsoft, Google and Apple have thrown their support behind proposals in the US congress to deal with cross-border data requests from law enforcement – even as the issue heads for review before the supreme court

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