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Telkom is planning to spin off its large wholesale services division as a separate business, with its own brand identity, in a move that promises to shake up fixed-line telecommunications in South Africa. Though the company isn’t giving away too much yet – a detailed announcement

Telkom has introduced a new, entry-level asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) product at a wholesale price of less than R50/month in an attempt to light a fire under demand for fixed-line broadband and to steal market share from the mobile operators

Telkom surprised the telecommunications industry last week, announcing sweeping price cuts to its wholesale broadband services that should lead to real reductions in retail fixed-line Internet prices. The cuts – which are said to go well beyond what

Internet service providers have adopted a wait-and-see attitude about the wholesale broadband price cuts of up to 63% announced by Telkom on Thursday. Industry body, the Internet

Telkom’s wholesale services division has announced sweeping cuts of up to 63% across its product range, including fibre broadband access, IP Connect (used by Internet service providers), resell

Dimension Data’s Internet Solutions has invested in the region of R60m in advanced new fibre-optic networking infrastructure from Infinera that has increased its capacity nationwide seven-fold, with the ability to grow that by 150-fold without “forklifting” hardware

For network operators in Africa, the diversity of legal and regulatory systems poses a challenge. As countries’ technology and telecommunications environments mature at different rates, what is legal, acceptable or available in one country may not be so in another. At the recent Capacity

As technology has continued to evolve, from the dawn of mainframe computers in the 1930s and PCs in the 1960s, to the predominance of smart end-devices and the growth of machine-to-machine technology today, so has the complexity of the networks that enable these computing paradigms