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The South African National Space Agency has been selected by the International Civil Aviation Organisation to become the designated regional provider of space weather information to the entire aviation sector using African airspace.

Most do not associate Africa with the high-tech sphere of “space”. However, in recent years, many countries on the continent have woken up to the potential and usefulness of space technology. In sub-Saharan Africa, Nigeria and South Africa are

The South African National Space Agency (Sansa) will on Tuesday, as part of Global Space Week, launch Fundisa: satellite imagery tools to support the high school geography curriculum. Earth observation and space science are seen as important ways to monitor South Africa’s land use, resources

Denel’s new space engineering unit, Spaceteq, was inducted into the International Astronautical Federation on Monday, the company said. The event took place at the 64th annual International Astronautical Congress currently underway in Beijing, China, spokesman Vuyelwa Qinga