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Nedbank launched its mobile banking application, called the Nedbank App Suite, to its staff on Monday. The bank says it will be available to the public from the beginning of August. The app has taken two years to develop and is only the third in the

First National Bank this week lifted the lid on a new payment mechanism that uses the GPS feature in modern smartphones. It won’t result in the much-hyped cashless society, but it could greatly reduce South Africans’ reliance on cash over time. The new payment feature, which is included in an update to

Standard Bank caused a bit of a furore on Twitter on Thursday when it tweeted that it had lodged a complaint with the Advertising Standards Authority over an advertisement competitor First National Bank placed in weekend newspapers. It accused its rival of “misleading advertising”. Although the bank says filing the complaint

“You’re being irrational.” No one likes to hear those words. They are the verbal equivalent of a pat on the head. But, like it or not, we are fundamentally irrational beings. And the area in which we should be the most clear-headed, our personal finances, is usually

Online “phishing” fraudsters, who try to con consumers out of their personal banking details to steal their money, target clients of Absa the most, data from a local e-mail company shows. Yossi Hasson, MD of open-source e-mail solutions and network management company Synaq, runs a phishing signature database using

Financial management website 22seven has been live for just a day and already it’s facing its first serious challenge. Some of SA’s big banks have begun warning their customers not to provide their banking login details to the service, which aggregates users’ financial information to give them a graphics-rich picture of their income and spending

Standard Bank and Nedbank have finally offered their opinions on online personal financial management (PFM) start-up 22seven, which has been garnering an enormous amount of attention and controversy from banks and consumers alike since launching on Thursday. Absa and First National Bank have both weighed in

Tower management company Eaton Towers has secured a US$30m debt facility from Standard Bank, via Stanbic Bank Ghana and Standard Bank in SA, to expand its portfolio of telecommunications towers in Ghana. Eaton Towers is one of several companies

Absa, SA’s largest retail bank, is to roll out contactless payment systems by the end of this year. Supported at first by cards that are equipped to make payments by means of tapping them on a reader, these same readers will eventually be able to accept

MTN MobileMoney is introducing an e-commerce payment mechanism called payD that allows SA consumers to buy products and services online using their debit cards. Budget airline 1time is the first company to offer the new online payment technology