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Outgoing Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer developed a reputation over the years for his exuberant personality and enthusiastic keynote addresses, many of which have become firm favourites on YouTube. He was also prone to gaffes, including his ridiculing

On 18 July, Microsoft announced yearly profits of nearly US$22bn. Its shares immediately plunged by more than 11% and have yet to recover. What has made investors so nervous? Part of the problem is around expectations. Investment analysts had been expecting an additional $1,35bn in profit

Fans of the open-source Firefox Web browser, developed by the Mozilla Foundation, have long enjoyed the “Easter egg” in the software that takes a dig at Microsof t and its browser, Internet Explorer (IE). Typing in “about:mozilla” in the address bar has always brought up some clever

When was the last time you heard people, young or old, arguing the merits of different rock bands? I’m guessing it’s been a while. But what about a tiff about their choice of mobile phone? In the last five years, I’ve heard too many to count. Does that make personal technology the rock ‘n roll of this century? The

As has become customary at this time of the year, TechCentral is pleased to present its lists of who it considers the biggest technology newsmakers over the past 12 months, both internationally and in South Africa. We kick it off, as always, with the five people the

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has a great deal riding on Windows 8. Since he took the helm 13 years ago from his friend Bill Gates, the company’s share price has gone nowhere. The software giant is far from sinking, but it’s slowly taking on water. Windows 8 will be a key product in plugging the hole. But

What the heck is going on? Microsoft, famous for developing products for its platforms only, has suddenly become a leading advocate of openness. Office, its productivity suite, for example, will be available early next year for Apple’s iPad and for devices powered by Google’s Android operating

A decade ago, Steve Ballmer described the free and open-source Linux operating system as a “cancer that attaches itself in an intellectual property sense to everything it touches”. The famously boisterous Microsoft CEO was attacking the General Public Licence which governs much of the software code developed by the

The Zimbabwean-born and SA-educated CEO of VMware appears to be stepping down. A report in IT channel publication CRN quotes “multiple” unnamed sources as confirming that Paul Maritz will relinquish the role. What’s not known, according to CRN, is whether Maritz, who has

It had all the hallmarks of an Apple keynote. No one knew exactly what Microsoft would be announcing in Los Angeles, but the excitement among gadget junkies about a potentially game-changing product from the US software giant was palpable. What