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It’s time for Tech4Africa. Now in its 5th year, Tech4Africa 2014 will serve up 85 speakers, including Cliff Central founder Gareth Cliff, at an event divided across 10 rooms. More than 250 talks were submitted for this year’s event. These attracted 14 000

South Africa will get its first multi-genre electronic “mashed-up” festival this year. The event will include music, art and technology, hosted by Hilltop Live. The festival, called XooXity, has been inspired by South African

It’s just a few weeks until the fourth annual Tech4Africa in Johannesburg. The event will be held on 9 and 10 October at the Focus Rooms in Sunninghill and will feature a wide range of speakers, including Amolo Ng’weno, MD of Kenya’s Digital Divide, which provides young, impoverished people with IT skills

Tech4Africa turns three this year. Once again, TechCentral is media partner to SA’s premier mobile, Web and emerging technology event. This year’s event will be held on Wednesday, 31 October and Thursday, 1 November at The Indaba Hotel in Fourways, Johannesburg under the theme, “Unlocking the

There is “no value in an idea” and technology start-ups should stop being obsessed about protecting their ideas and rather focus on how they build their businesses through proper execution. That’s the view of Simone Brunozzi, technology evangelist for Asia-Pacific at Amazon Web

The second annual Tech4Africa conference kicks off in a few weeks in Johannesburg and founder Gareth Knight is hoping the event will help create momentum for technology start-ups across Africa. “In the US, these kinds of events create huge momentum

There is no shortage of entrepreneurial energy in SA, with many talented people with great business ideas jostling for attention. Yet very few of the country’s technology start-ups manage to grow into sustainable businesses. Against that backdrop, it is worth taking a closer

Our panel this week is massive, including special guests Dustin Diaz, Erin Caton and Basheera Khan, who join Brett Haggard, Duncan McLeod, Ivo Vegter, Toby Shapshak and Simon Dingle to discuss the Tech4Africa conference, technology in Africa and the SA start-up scene, how Telkom went wrong, the Mesh Potato project, and much more

Government does not understand the magnitude of the “crisis” SA’s telecommunications industry is facing, says former Google SA country manager Stafford Masie. During a panel discussion at the Tech4Africa conference held in Johannesburg on Thursday, Masie, who is now consulting to undersea cable operator Seacom, slammed what he described as a “shambles” at the department of communications as well as problems at the Independent Communications Authority of SA (Icasa), which he says are holding back the sector.