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National energy regulator Nersa has launched a formal investigation into Eskom’s refusal to sign at least 37 outstanding power purchase agreements with independent power producers. This follows a complaint by the South

A South African court has ruled that critical aspects of the country’s nuclear procurement process are illegal and unconstitutional. The outcome is a significant setback for a network of entities that had been aggressively

The renewable energy sector was notified in a short note – sent at 4.25pm on Friday – that the financial close of 37 outstanding independent power projects would not take place on Tuesday, 11 April as planned. No new date has been set and

Renewable energy will also cost South Africa in excess of R1 trillion and it’s up to Eskom to say if they can afford it, as it will be funded from the power utility’s balance sheet, said energy minister Tina Joemat-Pettersson on Tuesday. The minister

Nuclear energy in South Africa is a highly contentious issue. The decision on whether to proceed with the construction of a fleet of nuclear power plants is destined to become the financially most far-reaching and consequential defining