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Former First National Bank CEO Michael Jordaan, who joined the board of social network Mxit as chairman in September 2013, has acquired a stake in AngelHub Ventures, a Cape Town-based company that provides seed funding to start-up businesses. Kevin Harris, who has worked

A full crew of podcasters crammed into the ZA Tech Show studio to discuss the goings on in the technology sector. Topics included Steve Ballmer’s resignation from Microsoft, Mark Zuckerberg’s, Afrihost’s data deal, Waze and Google Maps

Tired of racking up huge international roaming costs for data? A local company, execMobile, has come up with a possible solution, though it’s still not exactly cheap. ExecMobile is offering business travellers an uncapped mobile data solution that they can use in 110 countries worldwide. Although it costs

Hardly a week goes by without news of yet another international traveller returning from overseas only to discover they’ve run up a huge phone bill, in some cases in excess of R100 000, while roaming. It’s well documented that data use, in particular, can lead to phone bills so large that the money could

Tired of high roaming cellular costs while travelling abroad? ExecMobile is a Johannesburg-based company that provides Sim cards and portable Wi-Fi units for 36 countries, meaning people who want data only while overseas needn’t pay exorbitant roaming fees