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Far from giving up on the retail consumer market, Neotel wants to expand its customer base by 50% in its current financial year and will spend money on new wireless base stations to deepen and extend its coverage

Neotel’s been getting a lot of bad press lately. Financial losses are mounting and retrenchments are looming. But it’s too soon to write the company off. If it acts tactically now, it could still be a force to be reckoned with in SA telecommunications

Neotel has been struck by three senior-level resignations just a week after parent company, India’s Tata Communications, announced that Neotel MD and CEO Ajay Pandey was being redeployed and would return to his native India

Neotel has a new CEO. Sunil Joshi, head of enterprise solutions at Tata Communications, will take the reins at the telecommunications operator. Joshi will replace Pandey

Neotel’s ability to continue as a going concern has been questioned by its independent auditors, Deloitte & Touche. But CEO Ajay Pandey says there’s no reason for alarm and insists that the company

Neotel’s much-vaunted entry into the prepaid consumer market doesn’t appear to be paying dividends for the telecommunications company. More than three months after launching prepaid products, Neotel says

There’s no cheer this Christmas for Neotel employees. The operator has notified staff that retrenchments are looming, blaming the weak global economy for the move. But company insiders say Neotel, which has more

Neotel expects to double the number of retail consumers using its network within the next six to nine months as a direct result of its launching its first prepaid services. MD Ajay Pandey says he’d be

Telecommunications operator Neotel is back for another stab at the consumer market, relaunching its offerings in voice and entry level broadband. The company, which has struggled to make a meaningful impact in the consumer telecoms space

Neotel is playing down the importance of the retail consumer market to its business, saying its main focus into the future will be on the corporate and wholesale markets. This is after the company signed up fewer than 50 000 retail subscribers. CEO Ajay Pandey says Neotel’s ideal revenue mix is 10% from its retail consumer business, 30% from the wholesale business and 60% from the enterprise space. It does not plan to exit the retail market.