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Craig Wilson joins Duncan McLeod and Candice Jones in the studio again this week for another bumper edition of TechCentral’s business technology podcast. In this week’s show, your hosts talk about the municipal elections

Tuesday’s announcement by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer that it will buy Skype for a whopping US$8,5bn hasn’t been universally welcomed. Many critics are questioning the logic of the deal, with some saying

Google’s live streaming of the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton marks the beginning of the end for traditional broadcast models. The search engine giant streamed Friday’s wedding live to millions of viewers across the world. It’s estimated that as

TalkCentral episode 34 is good to go. In this week’s pre-Easter long weekend special, your hosts Duncan McLeod and Candice Jones talk about Telkom’s Jeffrey Hedberg to join Craig Venter’s Altech as group chief operating officer

The battlefield is ready, the guns are out and SA’s mobile operators are shuffling troops into position for what could turn into a protracted war. The latest operator to fire a salvo into the field of battle is Telkom’s 8ta

Last week, the Independent Communications Authority of SA (Icasa) held a workshop to hear the opinions of broadcasters and telecommunications providers on the fate of a chunk of spectrum known as the “digital dividend”

It’s Friday again, and that means it’s time for the latest episode of TalkCentral, the business technology podcast brought to you by the editors at TechCentral. In this week’s show, we look at former Vodacom Group CEO Alan Knott-Craig’s

It’s April Fool’s Day, Paint the Town Red Day and National Cleavage Day, all rolled into one. Somehow we manage to weave all of these into this week’s episode 31 of TechCentral’s business technology podcast, TalkCentral

“Sentech is dysfunctional.” These were the opening words of a column my colleague Duncan McLeod wrote in September last year. Make no mistake: the state-owned signal distributor was in more trouble