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Just two years after acquiring a controlling stake in the company, MTN South Africa has announced it will dispose of its 50,02% stake in Afrihost to the Internet service provider’s management team. MTN acquired the stake

Afrihost will next month launch what looks very much like a fully fledged mobile virtual network operator on MTN’s infrastructure, providing users with voice minutes, SMS and data on a prepaid and month-to-month contract basis. The Internet service provider’s CEO, Gian Visser, told an

MTN-controlled Internet service provider Afrihost has begun moving its digital subscriber line Internet clients onto a new network it believes will offering superior performance. The new network aggregates upstream bandwidth from a number of providers and has been

It’s fair to say that MTN’s purchase of Internet service provider Afrihost in late 2014 caught most of the industry by surprise. Not because MTN paid more than R400m for half of the business (which no one knew at the time), but because this meant MTN suddenly owned a consumer ISP

Afrihost is likely to end its popular double data promotion for fixed and mobile broadband, but has decided to launch a new subscription service called Afrihost Plus+ that will give its users access to streaming music and guaranteed access to double data. At the same time, the company, which recently sold

It’s Friday, which means it’s time for another episode of TalkCentral, TechCentral’s weekly podcast. This week, your hosts Duncan McLeod and Regardt van der Berg discuss Telkom’s interim financial results, looking specifically at the sharp decline

Afrihost subscribers who buy broadband ADSL bandwidth from the company have complained vociferously in recent weeks about problems achieving advertised speeds using the Internet service provider’s backbone, with many saying the experience has fallen far short of expectations. The company’s CEO, Gian Visser

The Competition Commission has recommended the approval of MTN’s acquisition of a majority stake in Afrihost. It won’t impose any conditions on its support of the deal, it said on Wednesday. TechCentral reported in early June that the

Internet service provider Afrihost, which is currently the subject of an acquisition by mobile operator MTN, has announced it intends selling its own smartphone and offering early adopters 12GB of “free” data when they buy one. The phone, the Zest T1, which costs R1 999 once-off, will come with

Mobile operator MTN is acquiring a controlling 50% stake in Internet service provider Afrihost for an undisclosed sum. In an e-mail to Afrihost clients on Monday, the service provider’s CEO, Gian Visser, says MTN is buying 50% plus one Afrihost share. The existing shareholders, including management, will