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Electricity utility Eskom says a police investigation is under way into a drone crash at its Koeberg nuclear power facility just outside Cape Town. Eskom said in a statement on Wednesday that a drone had crashed into the

Eskom, South Africa’s state-owned power utility, said it is investigating an information leak at the Koeberg nuclear plant that could affect a court case related to a R5bn contract awarded to Areva for work at the facility. The power producer hasn’t determined

Eskom has placed a safety officer at the Koeberg nuclear power station north of Cape Town on precautionary suspension after a drone crashed on the site in contravention of nuclear safety regulations. Eskom said in a media statement on Wednesday that

If you hear Koeberg nuclear power station’s sirens going off on 5 March, there is no need to race to the Huguenot tunnel to shelter from the fallout – it is just a test. The station, on the coast north of Cape Town, will test its public warning system as part of its

Power utility Eskom said on Thursday that unit 2 at the Koeberg nuclear power station has been returned to service and is currently operating at full load. The unit had been shut down for a scheduled outage on 31 August as part of Eskom’s overall

The power grid was under pressure on Monday after one of Koeberg’s units — which produces 900MW — was taken out of service, Eskom said. “Unit one is out of service because of a technical fault,” Eskom spokesman

The public are advised not to be alarmed at steam issuing from the Koeberg nuclear power station during the next few days, a spokesman said. “Given the events in Japan, we want to assure the public that perfectly clean steam