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A new subsea broadband cable project, led by Angola, is set to provide a flood of international Internet bandwidth to countries on the west coast of Africa, including South Africa, when it goes live in mid-2018. The South Atlantic

A year after launching corporate ICT services in the South African market, pan-African telecommunications company and subsea fibre cable operator Seacom is expanding its corporate offering to Kenya. Under its Seacom Business intiative

Growing trade between Africa and Asia has prompted talk of a new subsea broadband cable along Africa’s eastern coastline, says Hong Kong ICT firm PCCW. Last week, PCCW said it along with Telkom, MTN Saudi Telecom Company and

Imagine downloading 5 000 movies per second over your Internet connection. Those are the ultimate speeds being promised by a new, multibillion-rand submarine cable system that is to be built to connect South Africa and East Africa to Asia and

Seacom services between Africa and Europe went offline again on Thursday after fresh cable breaks in Egypt cut off African Internet users in East Africa and Southern Africa. It’s the second time in a week that terrestrial cable breaks in Egypt have disrupted

Multiple cable faults on Thursday, one in the UK and two in Egypt, which affected the services of two major subsea cable systems that connect South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa to the global Internet, left millions of mobile and fixed-line Internet users

Internet connectivity to and from South Africa and much of the rest of sub-Saharan Africa was undermined severely on Thursday after two cable systems experienced significant problems. Seacom, the cable system which runs along Africa’s east coast

The Africa Coast to Europe (Ace) submarine cable could be among the last major international broadband systems to land on South African shores for some time, says an expert. The Ace cable

Alcatel-Lucent has announced it is about to begin construction of the Africa Coast to Europe submarine cable’s second phase, which will connect South Africa to São Tomé and Príncipe and provide an alternative route to Europe to the West Africa Cable System

Recently, a New York Times article on Russian submarine activity near undersea communications cables dredged up Cold War politics and generated widespread recognition of the submerged systems we all depend upon. Not many people realise that undersea