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Noelan Rungasamy has been appointed as the new GM of the Wireless Application Service Providers’ Association.

“Data leakage”, where consumers lose data without using it, is a “technical impossibility”, an industry body has said, dismissing growing complaints from users that their mobile data is disappearing. “This surge in data usage

A telecommunications industry body has called on the South African Revenue Service to stop taxing cellphones as “luxury items”. The Wireless Application Service Providers’ Association said on Monday that smartphones

The Wireless Application Service Providers’ Association, a body that regulates companies that provide value-added services to mobile and other consumers, has suspended one of its members, Infobip Africa, for allegedly adding people without their

Waspa, the association that represents and self-regulates South Africa’s wireless content and applications industry, has overhauled its code of conduct in an effort to simplify and to ensure it’s in line with the Consumer Protection Act and the

“You’ll need two dozen purple-scented candles and a goat suitable for ritual slaughter. Oh, and about a kilo of salt to draw a pentagram on the floor (blackboard chalk doesn’t work),” read a response to a frustrated consumer on an online forum asking for advice on how to unsubscribe from unwanted mobile

MTN has introduced a token-based billing system to tackle what it describes as “simmering distress” experienced by customers who are “unwittingly billed for content services they have not subscribed for by unscrupulous wireless application service providers

Cell C has sidestepped a potential Competition Commission investigation after it revised its wholesale bulk SMS pricing rates to all wireless application service providers (Wasps), prompting the industry association, Waspa, to withdraw a member decision to lodge a complaint with the competition body