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A new study by the Business Software Alliance (BSA) has revealed that the commercial value of unlicensed software in Nigeria exceeded US$287m in 2013. It estimates that 81% of the software installed on Nigerian PCs in Nigeria in 2013 was not properly licensed. In the Middle East and Africa, the commercial

iBurst has launched an uncapped satellite Internet service intended for small businesses and home users, particularly those in remote parts of the country, pitching it against companies like Vox Telecom, with its YahClick product. Download speeds range from

Vox Telecom, which recently introduced a satellite-based Internet service in SA called YahClick in partnership with Middle Eastern company YahSat, plans to launch a portable version of the product early next year. The product will consist of a terminal, called YahClick Go, and will be aimed at organisations and businesses

Wholesale Internet access provider Sat-Space Africa has launched a new product it hopes will drive up Internet penetration in rural areas. Its Satellite Hot Spot product, launched last week, allows entrepreneurs in outlying areas to buy and resell uncapped Internet connectivity in increments of an hour. Connectivity, which is

Vox Telecom, in conjunction with satellite company Yahsat, has launched satellite broadband services for the African market under the YahClick brand, with prices starting at R163/month. Yahsat, or the Al Yah Satellite Communications Company, is a private company fully owned by