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The department of communications is moving to wrest control over management of SA’s scarce radio frequency spectrum from industry regulator, the Independent Communications Authority of SA (Icasa), a reading of the Electronic Communications

With competitive pressures increasing, voice markets maturing and price wars becoming more prevalent, telecommunications operators in Africa have to improve their efficiencies, cut costs and find new areas in which to grow, especially if they don’t want to be

Walter Isaacson centres Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography on a single idea: that Jobs was an artist working at the intersection of the liberal arts and the technology industry. Jobs emerges from the pages of the enthralling biography as a figure who would be as at

Though there was much to be excited about from Nokia World in London this week, including the announcement of six new handsets, including two based on Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system, it was rather the omissions that got many analysts

Nokia won’t be introducing a tablet until it has one that is good enough, if at all, and it won’t get devices running Windows Phone into the hands of the lower end of the mobile handset market until the price of hardware falls further. It will, however, continue to support MeeGo and Symbian

Finnish handset manufacturer Nokia unveiled six new handsets at its annual Nokia World event in London on Wednesday. The devices include the Lumia 800 and 710, smartphones running the Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” operating system, and four feature

James Hodge of Genesis Analytics has painted a stark picture of wide-ranging anticompetitive abuses, including excessive pricing and price discrimination, allegedly committed by Telkom in the last decade. Hodge is presenting this week to the Competition Tribunal in

President Jacob Zuma’s decision to redeploy communications minister Roy Padayachie and his deputy, Obed Bapela, has drawn mixed reaction from the information and communications technology industry, with one analyst saying he was “stunned” by the move

First National Bank, which this week began offering discounted tablets and smartphones to its clients, says ultimately it would like to hand out free phones and tablets to “certain” of its customers. CEO Michael Jordaan says the bank is on a big drive to encourage

Employees bringing their own gadgets, from smartphones to tablet computers, into the companies they work for and expecting them to function seamlessly with corporate technology systems is proving to be a significant and growing challenge for IT departments