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How the Gupta empire came tumbling down

For years, brothers Ajay, Atul and Rajesh Gupta were ranked among South Africa’s most prominent businessmen and socialised with the ruling elite, including their friend, then-President Jacob Zuma. They weathered accusations that

Rumours swirl around Guptas’ Sahara Computers

Speculation is swirling that the Guptas’ biggest asset in the ICT sector, Sahara Computers, is either up for sale or could even soon be closed down. Several industry sources, who say they have knowledge of the situation

How the Gupta empire is falling apart

A South African business empire built up by members of the Gupta family is under pressure as they face a mounting backlash over allegations that they exploited their friendship with President Jacob Zuma to loot billions of rand

Leaked e-mails are fake, Atul Gupta says

A raft of e-mails leaked to South African media about how the Gupta family have won billions of rand of contracts from state-owned companies and influenced government decisions through their

‘Shocking’ that Gupta on rich list

Save South Africa says it is “shocking news” that Atul Gupta is in seventh position on the Sunday Times’ Rich List. “For one man to have acquired so much wealth, so fast, is in itself very disturbing,” Save South Africa

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