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Jaguar unveils first all-electric SUV

Jaguar offered an online preview of its fully electric I-Pace sport utility vehicle as the UK luxury car maker pushes forward with plans to challenge Tesla and offer a battery-powered line-up by the end of the decade

4G network to be deployed on the moon

Vodafone and technology partner Nokia have revealed at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that they will deploy 4G mobile broadband technology on the moon in 2019. The 4G network will allow for the first

How to electrify SA’s automotive industry

In 2016, the National Energy Development Institute’s cleaner mobility programme reported that electric vehicles in South Africa amount to a mere 500 of the roughly seven million cars on our roads. These are bleak

The electric car market is getting crowded

Here are two facts that defy logic: by the end of the year, electric car maker Tesla will have burned through more than US$10bn without ever having made 10c. Yet companies around the world are lining up to compete

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