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In this episode of the podcast, Duncan McLeod interviews Touch HD founder Tbo Touch about his life, his business, #datamustfall and his next big venture. Touch – born in Sharpeville in 1981 – talks about his big

Bored with South African television? Future TV, a start-up founded by Johannesburg IT businessman Steven Cohen, wants to give local couch potatoes access to the world’s streaming services without the hassle of having to jump through technical hoops to do it

It was another busy year in South Africa’s technology industry. From the drama at the SABC to the drama over the splitting of the department of communications, it’s been an interesting news year, but a frustrating one for the sector. We know what our favourite stories were in 2014 is one of South Africa’s largest audio content aggregators and offers on-demand audio services for radio stations and other audio content providers. “When we started, we wanted to develop a personal video recorder (PVR)-like service for radio stations and build an audio-on-demand

Comedy Central has canned former radio host Gareth Cliff’s television show, the “Gareth Cliff Show”, a month and a half after it was launched on the channel, according to the Channel24 website on Wednesday. The show, an Internet radio programme shown on TV, reportedly failed to attract enough

A lot of people think Gareth Cliff is an idiot. I’m not talking about his usual detractors — mother grundies and religious nuts. I’m talking about many of his 2m fans, the listeners of the breakfast show he used to host on 5FM. Why on earth would he leave such a job to start an Internet radio station? Their argument makes sense, at least

As I step into a rather ordinary looking building in the drab Johannesburg suburb of Rivonia, I get the sense there is a buzz in the air, even though there’s no one about as I walk past an unmanned reception desk. Stuck on the desk is a handwritten note instructing interns to head upstairs. That’s where Gareth Cliff, until recently the host

Radio personality Gareth Cliff, who recently quit his job at national radio station 5FM to launch Cliff Central, an online radio start-up, has reportedly reached an agreement with MTN to offer his online broadcasts on an unlimited basis for a low fixed monthly fee. According to a report on business website BDlive, Cliff and MTN are set