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Dropbox, valued at $10bn, files for IPO

Dropbox, the file-sharing company that’s been privately valued at $10bn, filed for a US initial public offering, saying it was at scale and capable of moving fast. The company filed with an offering size of $500m, according to a

Dropbox introduces new pricing tiers

Dropbox has introduced a new cloud-based file-sharing option for individual business users and a new feature for marketing and creative workers to share projects, seeking to lure more paying customers ahead of an expected public share

Unicorns are on the endangered list

What a difference two years can make. The herd of private technology start-ups worth over US$1bn – dubbed “unicorns” – is looking decidedly skittish. Funding is drying up and the expected rivers of revenue have not yet begun to flow. On Friday

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Why undermining encryption is an awful idea

Western governments, notably the UK and the US, are pushing the software industry to open “backdoors” into our encrypted communications. The argument touted by government agencies for nearly 20 years is that terrorists use strong encryption to hide their communications, therefore we should ban strong

James Francis
New name, old Google problems

Companies changing names is not usually worthy of front-page headlines. But when Google does it, the entire world sits up and takes notice. Of course, it didn’t really change its name. It simply added a new story to its skyscraper, only this one is at the ground

James Francis
The dark side of the cloud

I love the cloud. To me it is a great solution to a problem that has been dogging computer users for decades: what to do with all the data? Raise your hand if you have lost a bunch of personal data because of a hard drive crash. Now keep it there if you can

MTN launches R99/month cloud service

Mobile operator MTN has made its first play into the consumer cloud computing market – and taken aim at over-the-top rivals like Google and Dropbox – with a cloud service that provides its users with unlimited storage capacity for a fixed monthly fee of R99

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