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South Africans bought 3.2m smartphones in Q1

South African bought 3.2m smartphones in the first quarter of 2018, a 12.4% increase year on year, according to data released by market research firm GfK on Tuesday. The value of the smartphone segment increased by

Surge in smartphone sales in SA

Smartphones sales in South Africa jumped by 28% year on year in the third quarter to reach three million units, while basic phone sales were up 6% to 1.6m units, according to tracking data from

Tablet sales tank in South Africa

The sale of tablet computers in South Africa has tanked, but smartphone sales continue to “boom”, despite the weak economy, new data from GfK shows. Media tablet sales shrank by 40% in the first half of 2017

For first time, smartphone sales take lead in SA

For the first time, more smartphones are being sold in South Africa than feature phones, new research shows. Samsung Africa vice-president and chief operating officer George Ferreira, quoting GfK market research, says 51% of mobile phones sold in South Africa in March 2014 were smartphones, with the rest made up of feature

LG in bold play for smartphone market

LG Electronics South Africa MD Il Hwan Lee has high hopes for the company’s newly launched top-line smartphone, the G2, but does the LG brand have a chance of succeeding in what is already a very crowded Android market? Entering the smartphone category years