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There is no innovation more emblematic of the early 21st century than the smartphone. Putting a handheld computer combined with a video camera, permanently connected to the Internet, in the pockets of billions of people

Mark Zuckerberg must be very accustomed to getting his way. When you’ve built two platforms with over a billion customers each (Facebook and Messenger), then acquired and grown another two to a similar size

It’s been a tough few months for Uber. Already this year, it has been hit by a massive boycott followed swiftly by serious allegations of institutional sexism and sexual harassment. Now the most serious scandal in the ride-hailing

Intelligent robots are poised to take over the world. Sounds like a bad 1950s sci-fi movie, right? Perhaps not. If technology keeps accelerating at the current rate, robots and artificial intelligence will either displace

It’s no secret that everyone from employers to educators to landlords scan social media profiles to assess applicants. In an age of radical openness, our online profiles often say more than we’d admit in an interview. But now

The ongoing exposé of the Panama Papers is the most significant leak of compromising data since Edward Snowden’s revelations about America’s National Security Agency. What few people realise is the vital role played by African journalists

It’s the dream of anyone who has travelled to a foreign country: a device that instantly translates a local’s speech for you while simultaneously translating your own words for them. A new gadget, named the Pilot, claims to do just that