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The country’s largest Wi-Fi provider, AlwaysOn, now allows customers to convert airtime into Wi-Fi data for its relatively pervasive network. At the entry level, R15 converts to 150MB of AlwaysOn data, which is less than half

Wi-Fi access provider AlwaysOn intends targeting consumers in lower living standards measures (LSMs) to greatly ramp up the number of people using its services, in the process luring them away from the “more expensive” data plans

MVN-X, the company that enables niche mobile providers such as MRP Mobile and Boksel, has signed a deal with AlwaysOn to allow users to roam seamlessly across to 2 500 Wi-Fi hotspots around the country. MVN-X has helped launched a

Wi-Fi service provider AlwaysOn is hoping to bring Wi-Fi Internet to a bigger audience by allowing consumers to buy access using cash at Pick n Pay stores. Selected stores are now carrying prepaid data cards from AlwaysOn. Until now, consumers

PCCW Global, the international operating division of Hong Kong telecommunications operator HKT, has become the latest video-on-demand operator to launch services in South Africa and is promising the first “a la carte VOD” offering in the country. The service, called

Wi-Fi calling will soon become a natural part of South African networks once they get over their fear of the technology, says a local provider. “I think with time they will. What I’ve noticed

Hotspot network AlwaysOn, which is owned by Internet Solutions, is taking direct aim at mobile networks with the launch of a Wi-Fi calling offer, the company announced late on Wednesday. The service is device and platform agnostic and you

It’s Friday, which means it’s time for another episode of TalkCentral, TechCentral’s weekly podcast. This week, your hosts Duncan McLeod and Regardt van der Berg discuss PayPal bringing US e-commerce sites closer to South African