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Instagram has reached 27m users and continues its mantra that the photo sharing app will come to Android “really soon”. Instagram is a photo-sharing social network that is available only on the Apple iPhone. It allows people to take pictures, assign filters, and then post them to a variety of social networks, including

If you’re running the Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, also known as Android 4.0, on your smartphone or tablet, you can run along right now and download Chrome for Android. The latest addition to the Chrome family is a mobile beta that brings a (purportedly) better and faster

The full Android Market, including paid-for applications, is coming to SA and 98 other markets around the world, Google announced at its I/O conference in the US last night. The market will be available in 26 African countries

Android smartphone users are being warned of a new Trojan that could send their bills skyrocketing. The Android.Pjapps virus is spread using hacked versions of legitimate applications that are hosted

Google is continuing to tailor its search engine and other online tools for the SA market, on Friday announcing its mobile voice search facility is now also available in Zulu and Afrikaans, in addition to English. The service, available immediately, allows users

One of the most curious and unintended side effects of rapid innovation is on language. Rather than making words up, we prefer to frame things in analogy and reference. That’s why we still talk about “opening a window” on a computer, and why we “cut and paste” text and save “bookmarks”

The smartphone market is not for sissies. One moment a manufacturer has a killer product; the next thing you know it’s struggling to remain relevant. That’s the case with Nokia, the Finnish handset manufacturer that for years ruled the roost in the smartphone market with devices such as the E90, the E61 and, in our view, its best business phone ever, the E71.

A lot of fuss has been made over Motorola’s Droid smartphone, about how it saved the US handset manufacturer’s bacon. Now that the Droid has been released to markets outside the US, including SA — under the Milestone moniker — it’s hard to see what all the excitement was about. Fact is, the Milestone is a fairly bland Android handset in an intensely competitive field.