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The Competition Tribunal heard closing arguments this week in the Competition Commission’s case against Telkom. The tribunal now has to decide whether the company is to be fined and, if so, what sort of penalty is fitting. If the tribunal imposes a hefty sentence, Telkom has a number of legal options

Tim Wyatt-Gunning, previously joint CEO of telecommunications company Storm and now CEO of Internet service provider Web Africa, says Telkom should be handed a hefty fine by the Competition Tribunal and that it has by no means reformed its ways as it claims. Storm was one of the companies that lodged

In a new submission to the Competition Tribunal at hearings into alleged anticompetitive behaviour by Telkom, the Competition Commission has recommended to the tribunal that it impose a fine of nearly R1,2bn against the company. This is less than the maximum R3,5bn fine analysts said it could have asked

In closing arguments on Wednesday at the Competition Tribunal’s hearings into Telkom’s alleged anticompetitive practices, Competition Commission legal counsel Adv Martin Brassey said Telkom had fought the case at every opportunity and deserved a severe penalty. Brassey said the tribunal should

Telkom came out guns blazing at Competition Tribunal hearings this week, warning that if it were fined the maximum allowed for alleged anticompetitive behaviour last decade, its business could be put in jeopardy. Does the fixed-line operator have a point or is it all just grandstanding? In its closing

If the Competition Tribunal imposes a large fine on Telkom for anticompetitive behaviour, it will be “catastrophic” for the company and will “irretrievably jeopardise its viability”, leading to “disastrous consequences for the SA economy and government”. This is the stark warning the

Telkom came under fire on Monday as the Competition Tribunal hearing into alleged anticompetitive conduct by the telecommunications company resumed for closing arguments. SA’s fixed-line operator stands accused of abusing its dominance by charging excessive prices; refusing access to an essential facility

The Competition Tribunal will spend up to three days next week hearing closing arguments in the case between Telkom and the Competition Commission over allegations the operator abused its monopoly position, in the process harming competition in the sector. The hearings took

Telkom says it was fully within its rights to deny value-added network service (Vans) licensees, mainly Internet service providers, additional services after it found that they were essentially providing the same services Telkom offered via facilities the providers

Don’t blame Telkom for using its monopoly to strangle the local Internet sector — the government allowed it to. This seems to be a recurring theme in Telkom’s defence of its rapacious pricing being heard by the Competition Tribunal. The telecommunications giant stands accused