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A presidential proclamation of 2 December 2014 gave the department of communications the responsibility to accelerate the implementation of South Africa’s broadcasting digital migration

Science & technology minister Naledi Pandor says with only 16 dishes launched so far, the MeerKAT is already the best of its kind in the southern hemisphere. The minister said this on Saturday when she went to the Square Kilometre Array

The first antennae for the MeerKAT radio telescope – the precursor to the large-scale Square Kilometre Array project – will be ready for service at the end of June, science & technology minister Naledi Pandor said on Friday. “Twenty-one antennae will be mounted and

The development surrounding the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) project is a sign to the world of Africa’s capability of producing excellence, science & technology minister Naledi Pandor said on Friday. The SKA project is an effort to build the largest and most

Communications minister Faith Muthambi was due to install the first batch of government-subsidised set-top boxes in Keimoes in the Northern Cape on Thursday. Keimoes is located within the Square Kilometre Array area, where the world’s largest

Communications minister Faith Muthambi will kick off the digital migration process for consumers on Friday when she begins the household registration process for set-top boxes for residents inside the Square Kilometre

By now, most people with even a passing interest in science will have heard about the Square Kilometre Array (SKA). It is the world’s largest radio telescope, and will operate over sites in South

In the coming decades, human beings will, for the first time, have comprehensive maps of the universe, says Roy Maartens, professor and research chair in cosmology at the University of the Western Cape. “If you have surveys [of the skies] from today to, say